I & D



The unit of Research and Development of our company is integrated in several regional, national and European projects, which meet the business objectives that Phytoalgae has established. In general, the projects and the activities developed in them have the purpose:

  • Create new products with application in several areas.
  • Innovate products already established in the market.
  • Developing innovative, efficient, and environmentally friendly technologies.
  • Create new production processes that increase productivity and quality.
  • Explore new feedstock sources from microalgae.
  • Processing and valorization of agro-industrial residues for the production of bioactive compounds in microalgae

    This project has as its central pillar the biological production of microalgae in order to obtain bioactive compounds, using waste from the Madeiran agro-industry. The project aims at the sustainable production of biomolecules with great potential for introduction in nutraceutical supplements and cosmetic products, to maintain or improve the well-being and health of the general population.

    Optimization of microalgae production for the production of nutraceutical food supplements through selective fractionation

    The project aims to produce food supplements with high added value, derived from the lipid fraction and with a high nutraceutical capacity. In this context, the project will not only optimize all the parameters associated with the production process of microalgae, but also apply a new method of extraction by selective fractionation using the Supercritical CO2 Fluid technique to obtain the products. In this way, the company will create natural, biological, differentiating, premium quality nutraceutical products that have the ability to prevent and treat some diseases.


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    1st prize in the Young Rural Entrepreneur category