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Phytoalgae, Lda is dedicated to the sustainable production of microalgae biomass and formulation of high quality, innovative and disruptive products in internationals markets of nutrition, food supplementation, cosmetics, aquaculture and pharmaceuticals.

Our company's vision is based on a highly qualified team that seeks continuous investment in new R&D skills in order to obtain new innovative formulations for the health of our customers.

The potentials of the present are the opportunities of the future, connect to the benefits that microalgae present!


Algae were the first organisms to appear on Earth, some 3.5 billion years ago, and their constant evolution has allowed them to become powerhouses of nature. They are a very diverse group, with an estimated 40,000 to 10 million species, most of which are microalgae.

Microalgae are unicellular, photosynthetic organisms of aquatic environments (freshwater and saltwater), capable of producing all the nutritional elements essential to life. They have a simple, versatile cell structure, in which they use the metabolic process of photosynthesis to transform light and carbon dioxide into oxygen, and nutritionally rich biomolecules of great bioactive capacity.


The ability of microalgae to synthesize a multitude of compounds gives us the possibility to explore, enhance and develop natural products with great applicability in human life. Currently, they are considered to be the organisms with the greatest industrial potential, as they are rich sources of proteins, vitamins, minerals, carotenoids, polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega 3), and present themselves in the short term as key pieces in the food, nutraceutical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, aquaculture, agricultural, and energy industries, and with a strong contribution in the fixation and reduction of atmospheric carbon dioxide.


Immune System
High Blood Pressure
Healthy Life
Heart Diseases
Hair and skin health
Healthy vision
Brain Development


Healthy / Organic food

> Chlorella
> Spirulina

Food supplements

> Omega 3
> Astaxanthin
> Chlorophyll

Natural/Organic Cosmetics

> Body Care
> Sunscreens


Extracts Manufacturing
Chemical Analyses


Phytoalgae's organizational structure includes a department exclusively dedicated to research, development, and industrial innovation . Its main objective is to obtain new products based on microalgae, to innovate in existing products , and to find solutions to prevent or mitigate the diseases that devastate the world's population.